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The Problem of the Temporary August 23, 2009

Posted by iambinary in imagination.

Why is it a problem? because value does not degrade, it completely dissipate. after an event is over, or an emotion evoked from a film, as human beings, you’re left wanting more, or reminiscing on the past. Look at famous people who are no longer famous, and understand how they live their future life looking back at the past that is long gone.

So really, why is it a problem? at the core, it’s actually a problem of desire for significance. if that desire wasn’t in existence, temporariness won’t make a difference.

Presuming this is a problem, what is the root cause of this problem? – ???

What precisely, exactly, quantify the “temporary”? – anything that doesn’t last =D

dd to perception, as they said “so many questions, and so few answers”


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